Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January totals

Overall, I walked 15.1 miles on Sunday, making the January totals  98.9 miles. Had I known I was so close to making a 100 miles in the month, I would have soldiered on.  But my ankle and my back, as a result of tripping up on the 21st and then walking on all that snow, were really killing me.

And I fell into all the landmarks in Lexington and 65th-67th and had just to photograph them. The Lexington Avenue side of the Seventh Regiment Armory finally has its scaffold off, so that was a treat. Unfortunately the scaffolds went up on St. Jean the Baptist church.

February has four weekends, so my goal is to cover 80 miles in the month. If it keeps snowing, I'm going to have to limit myself to Manhattan (south of 96th Street, apparently). If not, I'll take a stab at the Bronx.

I really want to go to Staten Island (the landmark status for four structures in Rossville is being considered today), but until we get 12 hours of daylight (i.e., after March 18th), it's not worth the trek.