Friday, December 31, 2010

2010's longest walk

During the fall of 2009, I looked at a map of all my walks, and decided that there was something missing. Some walks were isolated by others, and if I wanted to recreate them, I would need to use some kind of transportation.

At first it may seem ridiculous, why does it matter that all my walks are connected? It does to me, and I had to figure out a way, when the days were longer, to connect all of them.

Naturally, the biggest chunk of isolated walks was Staten Island. As most SI residents know, the only way to get directly to the rest of NYC is by car, bus or ferry.

But I had walked there, extensively. My longest walk of 2009 was made within the island, and I wanted it connected, badly. The answer, of course, was New Jersey. You can walk to New Jersey from Washington Heights accross the GW Bridge, and then you can walk from Bayonne, New Jersey to Staten Island. The distance is about 27 miles, a little bit more if you go through the waterfront.

I must say the walk was long and went without a hitch. I even stopped for grub at a diner in Hoboken. The views from Liberty State Park were fantastic and despite a couple of rough patches in south Jersey City, I really felt great. When I got to the corner of Morningstar and Richmond Terrace to catch the bus to St. George, I was exhausted. All in all I walked 29 miles, from Manhattan to Staten Island.

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