Friday, December 31, 2010

Intro (part 2): How I choose and tally my walks

In the beginning, it was easy. I'd look into the most panoramic places (the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is a good example) and just walk them.I discovered truly amazing places, like the Harlem River Speedway or the waterfront between Sunset Park and Gravesend. Then, it became more complicated. I was obviously leaving out most of the city. I then started with the major Manhattan north to south thoroughfares, beginning with Broadway.

Eventually I got Kevin Walsh's wonderful Forgotten New York as a gift and starting designing walks around that. Finally, I settled on something that loosely followed Walsh's outlines: Designated city landmarks. I would photograph all of them, I resolved.

That got me through all of 2009 and most of 2010. By the end of this year I was rediscovering my own borough's incredible parks and looking at doing more Long Island walks.

Here's how I chalk up how much I've walked. I only include the walk itself. A trip to the bodega, CVS or Supercuts doesn't get counted, nor a sortie into Manhattan or Brooklyn to see friends, grab a movie or dinner.

So there you have it.. I will discuss not only walking but also some photography and city landmarks (the official ones), too. Hope you enjoy it.

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