Monday, January 10, 2011

The bridges of NYC counties

One of my pet projects to discover "the real new York" back in the summer of 2008 was to cross all the major bridges of the city. While there may be disagreement as to what a major bridge is, I'm pretty confident that I've crossed all the important bridges opened to pedestrians in New York City.

I really like the spectacular views from both the George Washington and the plain old Washington bridges. And the Marine Parkway Bridge and Bayonne Bridge also hold a dear spot in my heart. But my favorite, after a walk yesterday reminded me, is still the Brooklyn Bridge. There's something about it, with its elegant arches, magnificent view and span cables that make it breathtaking every time I cross it.

True, if I had to ride a bike accross it I would probably have killed many-an-interloping-tourist by now. But despite them, it truly never ceases to awe.

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