Sunday, January 16, 2011

I would have walked more...

...were it not for the damn snow. I got up early, was out the door before sunrise and despite a very long walk, the snow was thick and heavy along Union Turnpike. The first couple of miles by the sidewalk were bogged down. There's a stretch of sidewalk, by Union Turnpike and Woodhaven Boulevard that was completely covered in snow. I had to hit the street and hope for the best.

Once I got to Brooklyn, hit rough patches in the easternmost part of Eastern Parkway, where ice had accumulated. I know that these parts of town are not too pedestrian friendly, but then again, these are major thoroughfares that had problem sidewalks, four days after the snow storm (and I'm guessing the accumulations were there by December 26.

Unsurprisingly, Manhattan was much better, but there's a sidewalk full of snow by Clinton and Delancey.

I guess that's what I deserve for walking in January.

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