Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan 16: Walking for distance

I really slow down when I take a bunch of photos. It's ironic, since I do walk because I want to photograph things and people, but last week's walk was truly hampered by all the photos.

So I planned this walk in more distant places that had less to photograph, or at least that would make me go faster. It wasn't too cold, but I hit a good stride early on (snow in the sidewalk or not), covering 10 miles in four hours; excellent pace for me. By 1:10 p.m. I was at the Williamsburg Bridge, and it was all peachy. Hit Verdi Square by sunset.

My two detours were by proposed NYCLPC landmarks, Central Ridgewood Historic District, and two buildings in the Bowery. I then hit Prince Street and eventually 9th/10th Avenues and never looked back.

I hopped in the subway at Broadway and 96th at around 5:20 p.m, got home in Forest Hills by 7.

You can see the whole map here.

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