Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting the two letters ready

Today's walk went fine, considering I was trying to avoid the snowy sidewalks, up until I made it to the Bronx. Bruckner Boulevard was pretty much passable on its Western side, but on the Port Morris portion it was very messy. The southern sidewalk disappeared under a pile of snow near the Hess gas station.

And then I made my first mistake. Since the Willis Avenue Bridge is being replaced, its pedestrian walkway has been closed (or rather, removed.) So I decided to cross over the RFK-Triboro Bridge. The stairway on the Bronx approach was a complete mess, and then the walkway on the bridge itself was completely covered in snow.

A smarter, sensible person would have turned around right then and there, but since I'm pretty stubborn and an optimist, I kept on through, without snow boots. Somehow I made it to the other side with just a very wet pair of walking sneakers.

I don't like walking in Randalls Island for many reasons, mainly because its an environment unfriendly to pedestrians, and the complete prohibition of photography doesn't help.

The Manhattan approach was a little bit better, having its walkway shoveled. But I almost stepped on a banana peel, no less.

From Second Avenue I decided to take the East River Promenade at 114th, which was a second mistake. The pedestrian bridge and the promenade had not been shoveled up until...wait for it...96th Street. This is not only bad, but what kind of message does it send? The same amount of people live north of 96th than south, as it relates to this promenade. Disgraceful.

So I'm getting the two letters ready.

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